3D Wall Mural |Siporex material

This is 3D wall art for exterior and interior. We make murals, logo carving, pots, diffusers in siporex material.

Siporex is a porous brick, which we cut and paste on wood and make carvings. This is nothing but a Stone carving art where an artist started its work on a rock or a stone with the help of their relevant equipment. There are many challenges which artists need to deal with, such as stone durability or quality etc.

This art is a exclusive work of stone carving. It can be colored. We can use it for interior or exterior purposes.

3D Wall Mural |Siporex material

Once Hand-carved art is finished, it gives an embossed effect or 3-dimensional type feel, unlike water, oil or any other paintings which results in 2-dimensional feel. Also if clay type materials are used to develop an art, minor mistakes can be handled in a better way unless the material got dry. Once an art got ready, use of colors, acrylics etc. will turn a raw embossed art into a real artifact. Various shades of colors will help to enhance the overall finish of the art.

Product description:

3D Wall Mural |Siporex material

We are having the variety of wide range of custom designs with the following Details…

Product Details:

  • Best quality
  • Excellent designs
  • Sturdy
  • Unmatched quality
  • Water proof

Material: Siporex
Size (in): 36 x 48
Frame: No

We also have different sizes available suiting to your specifications and as per the project.

If you are looking for artists from whom you expect your exceptions feel free to CONTACT US.

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