Abstract Realism is an art movement that is not easily defined because it is a union of two opposite terms; Abstract art and Realistic art. Abstract art has nothing to do with real-world objects. The abstract artist may use lines, shapes, colors, texture, and pattern to create a rhythm. Always balance color value and sizes of shapes and lines needed to be careful of. And abstract realism artist attempts to capture real-world moments in time, an image and the personality of individuals or objects who resemble real life.


Realistic Abstract

Abstraction is nothing but a process to “take from” or to “separate out from something else.” It can also mean to “summarize” or “minimalize.” In reality, we abstract each time we capture an image, whether or not we intend to leave something out or change it or expand its characteristics. Abstract art is art that doesn’t have a definite focus.

It is art that exists through patterns, colors, texture & line with the help of self-motivation. Abstract art can be a painting or sculpture that does not depict a person, place or thing in a realistic way. It may be extremely distorted or exaggerated.

Size: 60″X 36″

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