Apple Basket | Oil On Canvas

This type of painting are called still life. Its in oil color. Composition is very important part in this type of paintings. When it comes to painting fruits are my favorite. This was a nice task to do. I love how colors look more powerful when pushed in both direction.

This is oil work on canvas. When we hang these type of paintings in dining area, family members feel fresh and it will help to increase their appetite.

It will look elegant in dinning area. We have many varieties in still life or this type of fruit bowl painting.

Apple Basket | Oil On Canvas

If you will see there are four apples are in that basket and two of them are on the flower. That gray,red combination in that painting is looking just amazing. Shadow of apples and that basket are so perfect. Beacuse of that white dots on apples ,those are looking more lively.

I will be update new work on a regular basis.  please keep coming back to catch something new.

Product Details:Longer lifespanVariety of still life paintingsContemporary designWide range of custom designsWater proof
Title: Apple Basket | Oil On CanvasMedium: Painting – Oil On CanvasSize (in): 18 x18Frame: YesPainting surface:  Canvas

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