Black And White Abstract | Acrylic Knife Painting

This is a hand painted modern art painting. White is associated with light, morality and purity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. Painting in black and white can offer a number of benefits. Painting in black and white is great, because it makes you centralize on things such as structure, value, lighting and form. Of course, color is a necessary step, but the benefit of black and white is that you can focus on the image as a whole.

Black And White Abstract | Acrylic Knife Painting

Black,white and royal golden is a perfect combination of beautiful colors. Black is a absence of color. The color black represents power, solemnity, power, and  supremacy.  Black is a formal, graceful, and distinguished color.  White means safety and cleanness.  Gold is a precious metal that is related with luxury, and affluence.We are having the variety of wide range of custom designs with the following Details…
Product Details:
Longer lifespanVariety of abstract paintingsContemporary designWide range of custom designsWater proof

Title: Black And White Abstract | Acrylic Knife PaintingMaterial: Acrylic on canvasSize (in): 12 x 15Frame: YesWe also have different designs available suiting to your specifications and as per the project.
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