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Blue And Green Tree’s Reflection | Pallet Knife In Acrylic

This painting is a beautiful combination of Green,Yellow and blue color. I made this for one of my client’s drawing room. Its perfectly matched on their wall.

yellow (color of sunshine). Blue is a color of trust and confidence. That yellow shade is related to sunshine.The sunlight is reflecting on trees and in water also.
Green is also color of nature and renewal. We feel refresh when we see this color, we feel relaxed.

We can call it color therapy, when we put these type of paintings at our home.
Color are essential part of life.  It is no wounder that they plays very important role in the life of people. From getting ready for parties to  plating up favorite dish on table we use  art or artistic colors. Colors always been identify for its figurative power.
In this painting you can see the beautiful reflection of trees. I have used pallet knife for tree’s texture.

Blue And Green Tree’s Reflection | Pallet Knife In Acrylic

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Title: Blue And Green Tree’s Reflection | Pallet Knife In Acrylic
Material: Acrylic on canvas
Size (in): 36 x 24
Frame: Yes

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