Choosing Right Painting For Your Home, As Per Vastushastra

Know these Vastu guidelines for selecting the right paintings for your house and for choosing colors for your home… Paintings add life to a living space, and have a great impact on our emotions, health and thought process. A wall space decorated with personalized pictures or paintings can give much-needed appeal to a living. Make your rooms bring positive energy into your home by following these vastu tips.

Every painting have two sides negative and know what, if one positive painting can change your life, then one negative painting can affect badly on your life.

Put Buddha painting or Ganesha painting on the front wall of entrance door.because when someone enters in your house, may be they thing good about you or bad,that painting will change their mind into positive thinking.That painting will might stop negative thinking.
Don’t put wild animals painting on the front door wall.

Mount sunrise painting on the east side wall of drawing room area of your house. It will bring wealth in your life. Don’t put sunset painting on that wall.
Put cool color painting like blue,green, nature painting in drawing room area. It will refresh guest’s mind.
In the dinning area you should put fruit’s painting or fruit bowl painting. It increase hunger of family members.

If you mount painting of music instrument or instrumental player’s painting at kids room it will defiantly help them.
If you want great change in your relationship ,then put romantic couple painting or statue in your master bedroom. It will really work wonders in your love life.
Never put single woman or single man painting in bedroom. It will create problems in your relationship.

For more check the video given below.

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