Colorful Night | Acrylic Color

This is the painting of night time.These beautiful colors looks impressive because of knife storks. First of all I paint canvas with permanent colors. Then I use palate knife to apply colors.

Painting surface for a piece done with knives must be firm to prevent the paint from cracking as it dries. When the paint is applied to a surface with a painting knife, whether it be with oil or acrylic, it must be applied with a heavy body. the oils dry very slowly and can become muddied if the too much-wet paint is applied. This can happen easily when the paint is applied with a knife.

Colorful Night | acrylic color

In this painting that bench is giving 3D effect. The shadow of lamps, trees are making this painting more beautiful.If you will notice, the reflection of light are on trees. Because of this ,we feel night
time in this painting.

If we give light shade to trees it will go back in that painting and dark shade to front side trees. It gives better effect to painting.

The terms painting knife and a palette knife are often used interchangeably when describing the technique of applying paint to a surface with the blade of an artist’s knife. Tools are made up of either plastic or of wood and metal. Both are available in a variety of blade shapes and sizes. The purpose of the palette knife is to mix colors or clean the surface of the palette.

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Title: Colorful Night | acrylic color
Material: Acrylic on canvas
Size (in):84 x 48
Frame: Yes

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