Colorful Reflection | Acrylic On Canvas

This colorful painting is made with the help of knife.

World is extremely colorful and beautiful. This painting is a beautiful combination of magenta, red, yellow, blue and brown colors. Here I am going to tell you some amazing facts about colors. Color are very meaningful.

Color are essential part of life.  It is no wounder that they plays very important role in the life of people. From getting ready for parties to  plating up favorite dish on table we use  art or artistic colors. Colors always been identify for its figurative power.

Colorful Reflection | Acrylic On Canvas

In this painting you can see the beautiful reflection of trees. I have used pallet knife for tree’s texture.

World is full of energetic and beautiful colors. Colors have symbolic power.

Violet means wealth and royalty. Red means love, passion and anger.
Yellow color means sunshine,life,energy. Green means nature,health and growth.
Blue is cool and calming color. It means freshness,purity,cleanliness.It is associated with god and Jupiter. Brown color is the color of earth, stone and wood.

As we know the meaning of colors, we can express our feelings in painting.
If we use color as per meanings, it will create great wonders in our life.

Go ahead and choose this colorful painting for your home.

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Title: Colorful Reflection | Acrylic On Canvas
Material: Acrylic on canvas
Size (in):18 x 18
Frame: NA

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