Colorful Road Of Love | Abstract

Rainbow is a very beautiful thing on our earth. Seven colors in the rainbow are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet. Sometimes when we see rainbow in sky, we feel very happy.
Violet means wealth and royalty. Red means love, passion and anger.
Yellow color means sunshine,life,energy. Green means nature,health and growth.
Blue is cool and calming color. It means freshness,purity,cleanliness.It is associated with god and Jupiter. Brown color is the color of earth, stone and wood. Orange color in this painting is for success, health, happiness. It means from darkness we are going towards happiness, health and success and then white means light, innocence and goodness.

How amazing these colors are really affects on life!
If you can imagine it will look in drawing room wall or in study room. If you see, you can notice, first of all I have given texture to canvas for that 3D look. Because of that white texture, it looks like rainy weather.

In this painting that bench is giving 3D effect. Trees are making this painting more beautiful.If you will notice, the reflection of light are on trees. 

Colorful Road Of Love | Abstract 

The terms painting knife and a palette knife are often used interchangeably when describing the technique of applying paint to a surface with the blade of an artist’s knife. Tools are made up of either plastic or of wood and metal. Both are available in a variety of blade shapes and sizes. The purpose of the palette knife is to mix colors or clean the surface of the palette.
In this beautiful and colorful painting you can see two couples going towards light. Two couples on the colorful road of love. Isn’t it looking beautiful? 
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Title: Colorful Road Of Love | Abstract Material: Acrylic on canvasSize (in):84 x 48Frame: Yes

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