Empower & Evolve | Fiber Molding

Empower means giving someone official authority or freedom to do something and Evolve means progress or develop something. This is our club theme for this year.

 This mural I made for installment ceremony of Inner Wheel Club of Kolhapur Heritage. We gifted this to our chief guest.

Empower & Evolve

If you see this mural this a golden hand of a lady with wings.The hand with one finger ahead is trying to fly. Golden is a royal color which means wealth and prosperity. That,s why I used golden color for hand with golden wings.

Empower & Evolve is very important thing for a lady. Which lady get this opportunity she will overcome with her all her problems and become successful. Isn’t it a beautiful theme. In development and economics women empowerment is a consequential topic.

This mural means the lady with the wings of empower and evolve.
This is a fiber molding and can be customize. Club members and guest loved it so much.
When the client is happy it was like an award to us. appreciation is very important for an artist.

We have many more ideas for ur gifts and  many answers to your questions. So go ahead and tell me what do YOU want to give to your loved ones.

Just make a wish and we will do it for you.

Product Details:

  • Longer lifespan
  • Variety of Fiber models
  • Contemporary design
  • Wide range of custom designs
  • Water proof

Title: Empower & Evolve | Fiber Molding 
Material: Fiber
Size (in): 6 x 9
Frame: Not required

We also have different designs available suiting to your specifications and as per the project.

If you are looking for artists from whom you expect your exceptions feel free to CONTACT US.

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