Grayscale Coloring Techniques

Gray scale coloring Techniques provide you with a wonderful template for achieving an incredibly realistic result. In this tutorial, shown you step-by-step how you achieves such a truly realistic result. Even as a beginner, it allows you to feel like a master on your way to creating beautiful art.
Black is the darkest color in color palate and white is the lightest color in color palate. American professor and artist,scholar of art history Denman Waldo Ross is the founder of gray scale. He selected nine shades and he gave names to them. White is high key and Black is a law key.and shades between them are called as gray scale.
Gray scale is in eleven parts. upper first part is pure white and last one is pure black in color. Shades between these colors are in three parts is known as

1. high key
2. middle key
3. law key

1.High key- In gray scale the three parts after white is called as high key. In that three parts first block is called high light. second is called as medium light and third is low light.

2. Middle key- The three parts after high key the three blocks are called as middle key. First block is high medium. second is medium and third is low medium.

3. Low key-  The three parts after middle key is called as low key. First block is high dark. second is middle dark and third is low dark.

Because of gray scale we can show time in our picture and we can give 3D effect to any painting or sketching. We can show high key,middle key and low key in one drawing or painting.It can be any kind of painting or concept.

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