Hand-Carved Siporex

This is that type of carving art where an art is totally handmade without using any machinery equipment. Artist uses objects like needles, knives, sharp things etc. to develop an art. Since it is going to be a handmade art, surfaces are typically kept soft such as wood, clay etc.

Hand-carved Siporex


Once Hand-carved art is finished, it gives an embossed effect or 3-dimensional type feel, unlike water, oil or any other paintings which results in 2-dimensional feel. Also if clay type materials are used to develop an art, minor mistakes can be handled in a better way unless the material got dry. Once an art got ready, use of colors, acrylics etc. will turn a raw embossed art into a real artifact. Various shades of colors will help to enhance the overall finish of the art.

Use of the light always helps to produce a superior finish. Such paintings can be durable based upon kind of materials used for developing the art. This art is somewhat too old. This type of carved handmade art is quite delicate. Material’s durability/quality are the couple of challenges which artists need to deal with.

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