Innocence | Pencil Sketch

This is a pencil sketch of a baby boy. Baby means cuteness,innocence, pure soul.
When we see them we feel so fresh and forget our worries.

This is a sketch of newborn baby. I love to sketch eyes. Every time when I start to sketch, first of all I draw eyes. Its my favorite thing.

Innocence | Pencil Sketch

We can call portrait sketching. In this type of sketch we draw a person’s sketch . It’s a pencil black and white art.

We have many types of pencils in sketching. I have used camel sketching pencils for this. I have got this photo and I liked it very much, as it’s close up photo and I just started to sketch.
This baby was in his father’s hand. You can imagine the feeling of his dad when the baby is in his hand. See his eyes full of innocence. Feel the depth in his eyes. His little hands and cute little lips are just amazing. The babies are like angels.

Title: Innocence | Pencil Sketch
Material: pencil on paper
Size : A4
Frame: Yes

We also have different sizes available suiting to your specifications and as per the project.

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