Landscape Watercolor Painting | Watercolor On Handmade Paper

This is one of the most trending art pieces from a collection of some of my watercolor landscape paintings –  a simple landscape made using the most traditional glazing method in watercolor.

The making of such a watercolor landscape allows you, not only to learn how to catch but basic coloring techniques for drawing the natural elements, that give a classic landscape composition on the paper – You may notice the structure of background skies, trees, and the textures yield by the shapes of rock, stone. For more about learning and better understandings, you can check my YouTube Art Channel; SmitArtWork

Each section of painting starts with simple thoughts and progresses you need to go through to more natural challenging patterns. Usually, when I start making such landscapes, I drew myself to create atmospheric & natural effects such as bright light, clear shadows, rain, cloud etc.

Landscape Watercolor Painting | Watercolor On Handmade Paper

It is an original watercolor landscape painting created on a synthetic paper that effectively captures unique light conditions and delicate shapes with watercolors. This is one of its kind giving an effect, producing the impression that takes you away to a hushed place in nature. You may observe how I’ve painted the distant trees in a foggy, soft tone with slowly intensifying the color and tone towards the foreground.

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Title: Landscape Watercolor Painting | Watercolor On Handmade Paper
Material: Watercolor
Size (in): 22 x 10
Frame: Yes

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