Learn To Sketch #01 – Drawing Basics + Materials Required For Beginners

Learn the basics and all kind of the materials required for sketching and drawing and also get to know some basic shading methods and sketching ideas.

In today’s video, I’m demonstrating all of the materials you’re going to need for learning to sketch and draw. Once you have a better understanding of those, you can begin drawing simple shapes and lines and practicing sketching with an H, HB, B, & 2B pencil. Such pencils are good for sketching lightly but also allows you to go a little darker when required for shading.

Drawing basics for beginners

There are two types of paintings H and B. H means hard pencils and B means black pencils. In H pencils there are H, 2H, 4H, 6H these type of pencils and In B pencils there are 2B, 3B,4B,6B,8B,10B these type of pencils are available. In H type of pencils if you choose higher value of H grade,lighter the pencil shade you will get. Where as B stands for blackness,higher the  value of blackness B darker the pencil stroke you get. Increasing the number of H and B causes the hardness and darkness of the pencil stroke receptively.

All beginners have the same problem that how to start basic shading or drawing.
For this we need 1 set of camlin pencils. I recommend these camlin pencils because it is affordable to everyone. Then you have to get eraser and cutter to sharp the pencils. Always remember that you have to use cutter to sharp the pencils. Don’t use sharper to sharp the pencils because these pencils are soft. This is the first rule of sketching.

There is a very important thing in sketching that how to hold the pencil. Don,t hold the pencil too close to the point. Keep distance of three to four fingers from point of pencil. So that you can easily use your wrist to draw storks and we can use your wrist like compass.
HB is the lightest pencil. We can use HB and 2B for drawing. Other pencils we can use for skin tone,hair etc. 3B and 4B are used for skin tone and 6B,8B and 10B for hair and eyes. 8B is the darkest and softest pencil in the pencil set. 9B and 10B are also dark but we don’t get these pencils in this pencil box. It is available at any stationary shop.

Don’t use anything to draw lines or circles. Draw it with the help of your fingers and wrist.
For more details do check my following video on you tube.
We have our channel on you tube as SmitArtWork .

If you want to learn sketching, this video will defiantly help you. As I got many request from my viewers, that how can we start sketching? Which type of pencils should we use? What is the first step of sketching. I have decided to make a video.

Here I have explained the perspective, shadow, grey shades, edges, shading methods, and various other points of sketching & drawing for beginners and can be suitable for intermediate artists.

With this YouTube Channel, I’m going to explore a variety of ideas concerning for learning sketching including how to draw almost any object.

Moreover, in future videos series, going to publish new techniques for learning to make paintings, landscapes using acrylic paint, watercolors and oil paint, and several other methods including art, painting, technical aspects, and my art life.

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