Lord Krishna Wall Art On Canvas | Acrylic Painting

This is a painting of Lord Krishna. I made this painting for one of  my client’s collage office. This is an abstract painting.

This abstract paintingĀ of Lord Krishna is crafted in two colors; blue and yellow. Blue is chosen as because it is the color of sea carrying a reflection of sky. Furthermore, it shows depth, calmness, confidence, patience, love and trust. Whereas on the other side, the yellow color selected since it is a color of a sun that exactly shows liveliness. Besides, the white colored flowers for the mala (garland) is very pleasing. Overall the color combinations represents energetic and happy feeling out of the sight.

Lord Krishna Wall Art On Canvas | Acrylic Painting

It is the peaceful combination of calmness colors that make it more preferable for your home and office installation.
You can see the beautiful eyes filled with love while playing basuri (flute) and the morpankh (peacock feather) giving a pretty look to his face.

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Title: Abstract Palette Knife PaintingMaterial: AcrylicSize (in): 36 x 36Frame: Yes
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