Peaceful Buddha Painting | Acrylic

Presenting a acrylic textured painting where you can forget stress and worries of your daily life. Let this painting allow you transfer yourself into the world of relaxation makes you feel peaceful.

Buddha thoughts and such painting makes you to think to overcome the difficulties and life issues by understanding and preventing their causes. With love and peace we transferring our black nature to the colorful life with such a simple thoughts and it is the simple message I want to deliver through this painting.

With this beautiful combination of black and colored shades you must welcome your guests to make them feel refreshed and peaceful. 

Showcasing the new artwork ready to sell with formatting of textured theme by acrylic paint in a size of 14″ X 18″

Peaceful Buddha Painting

Buddha painting is one of most enlightening artwork in art industry. Buddha wall painting is offered by various artist in India as well as abroad.

Title: Peaceful Buddha Painting
Material: Acrylic on canvas
Size (in): 14×18
Frame: Yes

We also have different sizes available suiting to your specifications and as per the project.

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