portrait painting | oil color

There is many style of paintings and portrait painting is one of it. You have to sketch of paint face of peoples without changing the expressions and shade light. Then only the portrait will get likeness a that person.
If you will check you can see the likeness in this portrait.The eyes are the life of portrait. We have to draw eyes perfectly and dress color also.

portrait painting | oil color

The hairstyle is the one more thing for perfect likeness. In this photo to draw the style of her hair was little bit difficult because her hair are on her face. her dress is secondary thing for the portrait. This type of portrait with perfect likeness can be the beautiful gift for your family members or your wife or husband. You can gift it to your friends also.

Title: portrait painting | oil color
Material: siporex
Size (in): 12 x 24
Frame: Yes

We also have different sizes available suiting to your specifications and as per the project.

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