Siporex Art & Crafts

This is nothing but a Stone carving art where an artist started its work on a rock or a stone with the help of their relevant equipment. There are many challenges which artists need to deal with, such as stone durability or quality etc.

Siporex Art

Siporex Art & Crafts

Since artists are working on one single stone or a rock, one single mistake will result in the complete discard of the entire art which they have made until that moment. And such mistakes are never reverted back since one break in stone will tear down the entire finishing of the art itself. Unlike water, oil or any other 2-dimensional paintings, it results in an embossed effect which gives somewhat 3-dimensional type feel. An artist can use materials like colors, acrylic paints etc. to decorate their embossed art to make it more 3-dimensional.

Many people use external light effects to enhance the art such. Also since the art is entirely made up of the stone/rock, this can be used underwater as well. These are the arts which are typically occurred from a couple of locations from India like Surat, Gujarat. Artist can perform their art not only just on stone/rock but can also on wood or any other material which has some bearable thickness or a density.

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