Siporex Carving Murals

This is another form of carving where artists work on the wall. Also, an artist needs to examine the wall and need to check whether the wall is clean and not suffering from any moisture, damage or structural problems, such as cracks etc. The wall should be free from dust, wax, oil, grease etc. Even if wall seems clean, it always a good practice to wash it off with a mild soapy solution. Once it’s done, there should be some primer needs to be applied which will allow the paint colors to be stick to the wall very easily.

This is that type of carving art where an art is totally handmade without using any machinery equipment. Artist uses objects like needles, knives, sharp things etc. to develop an art. Since it is going to be a handmade art, surfaces are typically kept soft such as wood, clay etc.

Wall Painting Murals

Wall Painting Murals

Usually, artists start painting directly onto the wall. However, plasters kind of materials can also be used to get somewhat textured or 3-dimensional look on the wall. Since artists are painting on a wall like large surface, they use various techniques to enlarge the image such as grids to form various pieces of the image or projectors or use of chalks to trace the image onto the wall.

Once the image is traced on to the wall, the wall becomes a canvas to start an art. Like as oil, water or acrylics paintings, artists use any material which can be anything such as color, pigments, sand, clay, paper, plaster, objects etc. And to apply those materials, people may use brushes, knives, sponges, and airbrushes etc.

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